A great person and a good mentor


Talking about Henry Eze is like waiting for for Jesus Christ. Mr Henry was a very good Tutor  when it comes to Web Languages. He doesn't teach for just teaching sake or for the money attached but for the purpose of you is Student learning one thing or the other.  I met Mr Henry at a company where I did my SIWES program., I am can say with his help and support I am able to boast of leaving that company with Knowledge..he push me to do something beyond my ability so as to learn from it and for him to also assist. Mr Henry generally is a friendly person he is always carrying along with him "Ginger" to make wherever he is lively and productive.. Thumb up 👍 for You

Fash David

I met Henry when I started my internship at the company he works about five months back. He was a web developer instructor. I was assigned to his department at the firm so I had the opportunity of working hand in hand with him. My knowledge of of web development was a little bit shallow before I met, Web even being my area of interest. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about developing websites and contents development under him. So many tools for creating a website I didn't even know of was learnt under him. The thing about Henry is that he's organized and the experiences he's gathered over the years in IT  makes so good at what he does. I liked the fact that he's a time man "man of his word". Working with him was a real pleasure and a nice experience to my life docket. You need a good quality website with a time frame, Henry is going to deliver. I recommend to a business owner and people in needs of website or growing their reach on the Internet. HENRY IS YOUR GUY

Adeogun Damilare

Henry Eze is definitely the go to guy for IT services,he does not only provides the services he also teaches them very well . He provides IT services ranging from; User  / Experience Design Software Development (Android, iOS, Web & Desktop )Digital Marketing ,Software Upgrade & Maintenance And so on…personally he was of immense help to me in when I was learning web development and I was successfully able to build my own website he broke it down step by step and made it very easy to understand because he has indepth knowledge about it and always has a great way of explaining it to anyone..

Mosunmoluwa ajisafe

I never really loved coding, despite the fact that I am studying computer science. Is not really that I don't love coding, I just find it difficult to understand. I got a break through in it when I went for my SIWES program at a company, there I meet Mr EZE HENRY who simplified and broke down web design to its simplest form. He was my tutor which was one of the policy of the company for us to be tutored in area where we find difficult. Mr Henry is so passionate about about learning new things, not just for himself but also to impact his student with his knowledge. He's so hardworking and encouraging, I thank God for bringing such a brilliant mind to my path. Thank you Mr Henry, for your motivation that as kept my information technology world going.

David Chika


I highly recommend HenryWap. His attention to detail is very impressive and the display of creativity is on an extreme level.. definitely worth each naira spent.

Raquel Anthony

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My Names are Inegbezele Famous, i am a web Developer, a product of GIIT computer institute, 5 Awolowo way Ikeja Lagos, i did my Web Designing and Development in the institute between the period of June-December 2016. Though it was a wonderful experience when i was there, i had good relationship with all the instructors in the institutes, but my greatest thank goes to Mr. Henry Eze, who was one of the most outstanding, elegant, punctual, hardworking and lots more. he was my HTML, CSS, PHP and Wordpress Instructor and he is really good at his job, he made things easy for me as a student and always listen to all the student while carrying everyone along in the same pace in order to maintain quality knowledge, i love Mr. Henry classes, because he really helped me in some many programs, and also very friendly with all his students,  with this few point of mine, i hope i have been able to tell how important and dedicate he (Mr. Henry Eze) is. Thanks

Inegbezele Famous

Henry, is an awesome young man, talented and full of life. There are many things to write about him, but for the sake of time, i will state a few. He has an open heart, he is accommodating. Many times he has been uncomfortable just for me to be comfortable. Many times he has helped me in any way possible, just for me to achieve my dreams. He knows how to bring out the best in someone: i know this because i am a testimony of his kindness, love and hospitality. He has helped to open my eyes to many possibilities of life, and has a way of putting the drive within me to actualize them. I can comfortably say, that i am a much better me today because of him, and some knowledge impacted in me through him. Henry is simply "Amazing"

Joe Prince

Alpha Records

I knew Eze Henry in 2017, when I came to GIIT for a web development training course. He was my instructor. A person who takes his time to understand his students. His desire to see that students become professionals in the IT field was admired by many, he offered both extra hours of support for all who had challenges with catching up with the class pace. Within the short period of time I was with him, he added more value that to me than my tuition fee for the training could cover. Today I can boldly say I am a web developer with awesome websites to my credit. Eze Henry is a Knowledgeable and professional web developer, an IT messiah, a mentor, a brother, a friend and a person of good moral values.

Wilson Oguchi

I sort Mr Henry Eze's assistance, highly recommended by a friend, with a project. This project had a due date which he met and he provided his services to my satisfaction.

Ewomazino Eguwe

Thanks so much for redesigning my website, i love it. I also love the graphic pictures too. The fact that you delivered them to me on time is what i love the most. For sure i would be needing more services from you very soon.

Dolly Anthony

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Hard work and determination are the best words to describe Henry.


I approached  HenryWap because i wanted to develop a website and had problems with basic coding knowledge required to build one. HenryWap help me by patiently and efficiently tutoring me on knowledge i needed to acquire. The result is that right now,i can develop a website on my own and have acquired the basic coding knowledge required. One thing I like about her service, is that i could always come back over and over to correct mistakes, and for sound clarity. I found the overall experience a challenge worth while. I would recommend HenryWap to any one who needs her services ever.

Oguntuashe Taiwo May

I am a client of Henry Wap. I have enjoyed excellent and speedy services over the time I've worked with him. He always keeps to the deadline and puts in his best when fixing up my site for me. Not to mention, the customer service is totally A1.

Kaykay Onyeobi